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Why hire a wedding videographer? Discover 4 tips worth thinking about!

Why hire a wedding videographer? That's a great question and here are my thoughts.

Some couples will instinctively know that they want a wedding film and others will ask themselves, "Why should we hire a wedding videographer?", obviously I am quite biased but here's a few things to consider if you are sitting on the fence about reaching out and deciding to hire a wedding videographer.

1 - Could we just get someone to use a mobile phone?

In short, yes you can, but I can 100% guarantee that the footage or the audio will not be as professional as you think it might be. Professional videographers use very expensive gear to be able to capture your day in all the various lighting conditions along with audio during key parts of the day.

There's a ton of skill that goes in to capturing your day through film let alone editing it to create a wedding story that you will want to watch and share over and over again.

Modern phones are great and I love how easy they are to use, but a mobile phone can't match a professional camera with interchangeable lenses; there's dynamics range, stabilisation, focal lengths, aperture, shutter settings and of course composition to make you and your film look the very best.

Don't miss out on capturing the perfect wedding video by using low quality equipment.

2 - Can we get a friend to record the our wedding video?

Again, yes you can and I have been there and done that! Even with my professional equipment I missed out on the actual wedding day, I wasn't part of it as a guests, I was working it! That was really frustrating for me as I couldn't relax and enjoy the moments. I wanted to make sure I did a good job for my "friend" but a true friend wouldn't actually want you to miss out on being part of the day.

I know you think it might be a good idea, but in reality hire a videographer that's not attached to you as a couple, this route will provide a proper professional wedding film, not one where your uncle bob got drunk and then forgot to hit record!

Do you really want to put your friend or family member through that, or even take the risk?

3 - Will video provide a better story of my wedding?

The story is the same but the way it's told will be different. I love the way photography captures unique snapshots of a moment in time; on my wedding photography website you can see lots of examples of this, but film deeply immerses you through the journey of your wedding day and you get to see and hear it unfold.

You get to relive the moment you walked down the aisle, the emotion through the ceremony as you say your vowels, laughed out load at the stories and tears through the speeches and see your guests enjoying the evening celebrations. Videography really compliments your photography and is a must for the complete wedding coverage.

4 - Do we need ceremony and speeches films?

Not all couples opt for these and quite often just select a highlights film. This is fine and helps keep the budget down, but honestly you should consider why you are having the wedding filmed.

Do you want a short film to share online or a film to watch when you want to cosy up and relive your perfect wedding day? Let's face it Netflix doesn't have everything!

The sad truth in life is that we will all pass on at some stage, and video provides a lasting legacy of important people who you chose to share your special day with. The opportunity to listen and watch back the father of the bride speech and see him laughing and joking during the speeches is priceless, and reliving the emotion of the readings or your vowels is timeless. So, not having these parts of the day captured is a missed opportunity and should be considered wisely not just on budget.

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